I have tried to find some information on tuning a netware 6 server , but
can only find information about netware 4.x. I have NW 6.0 sp3 and it is
incredibly slow. Just to give an ide, copying a 21mB file from one
directory on a volume to another directory on the same volume took close
to 8 minutes. The same was true copying to another volume as well as
copying to a workstation. (These were three different files to make sure
nothing was cached to give false readings). The monitor screen shows
nothing in terms of CPU usage or anything else going haywire. CPU never
gets above 5%. There is a single processor. General info on the monitor
screen shows:
original cache buffers: 293,998
total cache buffers 144959
dirty cahce buffers 0
long term cache hits 0%
Current disk requests 0
packet recieve buffers 2000
directory cahce buffers 0
maximum service processes 1000
current service processes 8
current mp service processes 51
current connections 201
open files 5913

UNder LAN?WAN drivers on 802.2 and Ethernet_II
TX good frames 55104996
TX total collisions 52356275 and it is constantly moving (about 600/min)

I am at a total loss here. We are trying to install a new grade program
from the server for all teachers, but cannot do so because it takes
about 5 minutes to bring the program up on any computer. I am confident
it is not an equipment problem (unless something is failing) because the
same hardware is used at two other schools which do fine. Thanks David