We just had a Netware 5.1 SP6 server die on us(Hardware) & we had no
choice but to upgrade it to NW 6.5 as our version of NDS would not allow
us to rebuild the server as it was(Ver. 5.1 SP6)

Problem: We have some older applications that are ran off of this server &
we are having issue now with at least one of these apps that will not run
correctly on NW 6.5sp2 due to OpLock errors on this server. It is actually
corrupting data in at least one of these apps.

My question is, What if anything will be effected if we just turn off
OpLock. I'm Not sure what if anything this would effect as we cannot
remember if this was turned on, on the NW 5.1 server. It is definitly
effecting the way the older apps are running.