I have 2 buildings, 2 networks (NW6SP5) and 2 trees (LC and LCM) on 2
servers Server_1 (LC) and Server_2 (LCM). Up to now, I have been
duplicating users on each network at the start of each college year. Both
networks have identical structures.
We have now got a laser link between the buildings, and I want to, as it
were, move Server_2 onto the LC tree so that users are created once and
assigned a 'Preferred Server' depending on which building they're in (and
eliminate LCM). It seems that DSMERGE would just convert LCM into an OU,
adding an extra layer to contexts and complicating the creation of 600
users each September.

Is there any simple way to do this?

Denis J McCarthy
Liberties College