I have exported to cvs all users dn, sn attributes to cvs.

I have followed the following document:


I created another column to hold the userpassword attribute to hold a user

When attempting to import this back in it tells me that the users already
exist and I cannot add them.

This is driving me crazy.

I am using a command similar to:

ice -S DELIM -f data.txt -t dn,sn,userpassword
-D LDAP -s <server> -d cn=user,o=company -w password

I have seen various switches that do modifies but according to the
documentation they go on the either destination or source but according to
my above command I cant make sense of it. Assuming my above command is
correct. For example my destination is LDAP which is edirectory. Som of
these switches need to go on the source, and won't work on the destination.

Looking for some assistance, as you can see I really need some. I hope this
makes sense to people.