I have a server which is installed NW6 , eDir87.3 , NMAS 2.1 and webaccess
1.01. After I install NMAS2.2EE to this server, I can't use webaccess.It has
error like this
Location: /webaccess/servlet/portal
Internal Servlet Error:
javax.servlet.ServletException: The portal is unable to login:authentication:
[cn=WebAccess_pco,ou=WebAccess,ou=Services,o=Aeroth ai]::javax.nami
ng.CommunicationException::mkfs03.aerothai.co.th:6 36

When I use DSTrace to see LDAP event,I receive error like this
SSL_CTX_use_KMO failed. Error Stack : NPKI libreries not available
error :2612D200:KMO
Please help me,How can i solve this problem ?????