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Thread: NTP Question

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    j.birt@arts.ac.uk NNTP User

    NTP Question


    I am looking at implementing NTP and have a question regarding

    Is it possible to have multiple server entries in ntp.conf eg:

    server [1st time ref server] prefer Ext NTP ref
    server [second time ref server] Ext NTP ref
    peer [ip address] Internal server
    fudge stratum 3

    Would this mean that it would contact the 1st server in preference, the
    2nd server as a backup incase the 1st service was down, compare time sync
    with an internal server and finally fall back to its own clock if all else

    Have I got this right?


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    Peter Kuo NNTP User

    Re: NTP Question

    You have it spot on!


    eDirectory Rules!

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