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Thread: Tree or server cannot be found

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    vot@nsn2001.com NNTP User

    Tree or server cannot be found

    When attempting to login to a newly built OES Netware server with 4.9 or
    4.91sp1 client in get the message "The tree or server cannot be found".

    If I go to Advance | NDS and put in the IP address for the server entry, I
    can login to the server.

    I took the same laptop logged into my lab system without any problems. It
    appears that I have a problem with that new server build.

    Any clues on how to troubleshoot this?


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    Richard Beels [SysOp] NNTP User

    Re: Tree or server cannot be found

    sounds like SLP isn't configured...


    Richard Beels
    ~ Network Consultant
    ~ Sysop, Novell Support Connection
    ~ MCNE, CNE*, CNA*, CNS*, N*LS

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