NW6.0sp3, BackupEexec 9.1.1158
Since April, my DATA volume has been decreasing in size. When the volume was
created a couple of years ago, it was 58GB in size. Currently it is 56.2GB
in size, but I just rebooted the server two days ago and regained the full
58GB. The decreases occur overnight, but not every night. They can range in
size from 1.4GB to 3.1GB. I suspected it was related to the BE and OFO
version I had, so I recently upgraded to the latest build of BE 9.1 and the
latest build of the Open File Option. I still have the problem and it is
more frequent, plus now I get "Could not connect to <server>.GroupWise
System:. the login credentials may be incorrect.". If I do not use the OFO
during backup, I don't seem to lose any volume space (but I haven't tried
that too many times to say for sure). If OFO is not used, I also get "Could
not connect to <server>.Novell Directory:. The login credentials..." Any
ideas? Thanks in advance for your input.