Thanks in advance for any information.

I administer a NW 6 server cluster with 100 clients from 3 offices. Each
office has its own context.
Is there some utility that will produce a list of currently logged in users
with their IP address, and login time for one context.

What I really want is to be able to list the currently logged in users from
each context separately along with the IP address and login time. If all I
can get is to list all, but have them sorted by context that would be close

I know I can use "nlist user /a/b" to display that information all users,
regardless of context, but that is too awkward to be useful. If I use
"nlist user /a/co "context" it comes very close (see below) but the address
is always "Unknown" and I can't get it to display the login time, like when
all current users are listed.

I've read the nlist docs and experimented with it but if nlist can do this,
I'm still missing how.

C:\>nlist user /a/co sho
Object Class: User
Current context: SHO.CMDR
Conn = The server connection number
* = The asterisk means this is your connection
User Name = The login name of the user
Address = The network address
Node = The network node
Login time= The time when the user logged in

User Name Address Node

ah2004 [ unknown][ unknown]