Hello All,

I have a native-mode domain of Windows 2000 users for which I want to move
their file services to Netware. The users all have NDS accounts already
based on the fact that we moved their email to Groupwise when they were
absorbed into the parent company. The users access folders on a Windows
2000 cluster which sits in another domain. So when I run the Server
Consolidation Utility on the domain where the users are I can't select the
files as they exist in another domain.

At this point it's not too much of an problem to re-create the groups and
permissions in Netware. So I can do that. I am planning to use CIFS along
with their domain login script to switch them to the netware file server
(cluster) in the interum...then early next year get Novell client installed
onto the machines. I'm planning to re-create all of there same shares with
CIFS until we can get them off using so many shares and just mapping to

I have a few questions I'm hoping to get some advice on:

1. Should I be OK using CIFS this way. I have tested it so far and it
seems fine. I am using the domain authentication method and I can login and
access files.

2. Considering this is a native mode domain, if I choose to ignore trustees
will server consolidation utility work/do a good job copying and syncing the
files from NT to Netware 6.5? There are PC and mac files on these volumes.

3. If I am just basically going to be copying files can anyone else
recommend another good tool that will copy from NT to Netware and keep all
necessary macintosh file information? I guess backup/restore is an option
but I would prefer to go disk to disk across the wire, plus im not sure
restoring NTFS backups to NSS would even work?

thanks, hopefully some of you have been in the same boat before.