Another newbie...

I have a Netware Small Business 6.5 server that I'm trying to setup. The
server has 2 network card (internal/external). 1 card is binded to private
ip, subnet, gateway & the other to
an external ip 71.141.110.xxx, subnet, and gateway
71.143.110.rrr (I also tried the internal ip's gateway In
the server, a default route is set to

In my 2Wire HomePortal router, I'm using the router as dhcp serving dynamic
ip's from, subnet, gateway
The router ip is set in PPOE which I'm getting an internet connection just
fine picking up an IP from my isp (71.143.110.rrr). I also set the Bridge
network option using subnet mask of in the router.

I can ping the server's internal ip 192.xx.xx.xx from another workstation,
but I couldn't ping the external ip 71.143.110.xxx from any worksation.
All ports have been opened as well in the firewall.

I'm sure that I'm doing something wrong, just not sure what it is. Please

Thank you!