All of our servers are NW6SP5 and we're upgrading to NW6.5Sp4a. I did
the auto migration from imanager for XNTP on the 6.5 boxes and it all
appears to be working well. My question is about the noncp option in the
ntp.conf file. When XNTPD runs, it throws the warning on the console
that I should remove the noncp option and try again. The manual says...

"Provides Timesync migration or backward compatibility options.
Prevents running of the ncp engine on XNTPD, which services all ncp time
requests from NetWare 4, Novell clients and dsrepair."

Guess I'm not understanding that. We have no NW 4 servers but our
clients do get time from the server. Or is this saying if we have any
NW4 or older boxes then when need to comment out the noncp option?

In a nutshell, should I comeent out that line or not?