There is a serious interest in my company to us Active Directory as the
authentication mechanism and to work with Group Policy in AD to control
workstations and users. Getting rid of the netware client would be icing
on the cake. I am looking at Netstorage to allow this to happen with
possibly Netdrive riding on top.

First, I already have 3 6.5 servers in the local environment. Long story
as to why these will not be used for Netstorage server, but can I add one
server to the LAN, put Netdrive on it and have all users access their
files through that one server?

Second, is there a way around a second login to use the Netware system?
Can the credentials be passed through from the Windows login?

Third, is there a better way to accomplish the goal? The removal of the
netware client is desirable but not manditory. If a cleaner solution than
the above exists but would require leaving the Netware Client I'm sure
we'd go with that.

Thanks in advance