I have been having issues with users getting "logged in to too many
workstations simultaneously" messages. A given user has a concurrent login
set to 5 and claims to be olgged in to only 1 other station when getting the
error. I have found the use of "DSREPAIR N0" that should clear connections
when the "Repair Local DS Database" function is run. My questions are these:

* Can I safely run this on a production server in the middle of the day, or
should I wait for off-peak hours?
* How long should this take on a server with 20,000 user accounts?
* Should this be run on the server with the master replica, or does it
* Is this a server-based issue or an eDirectory issue? In other words, do I
have to do this for every server or just a container?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

-- Geoff