I have 30 servers (all 6.5)on our network. Recently migrated to a optical
(1Gbps)backbone so we do not use our frational T1s anymore. I have only
one DA now and even thought I have SLP information passed out via DHCP,
several subnets show no active directory agents when I do slpinfo /all on
the clients. I travel to different subnets with my notebook and it works
on some and not the others so the client shouldnt be the issue.
When I set the server on these same subnets to get DA information via
DHCP,(da dscovery otions=2) they too show no active directory agents
(seemingly verifying that DHCP is not handing out that information on
those subnets) however when I set the servers to use the static config
(slp.cfg) the servers find the DA with no problem and are able to display
all slp services. Bit miffed here as all the server parameters are the
same across the district but I must be missing something.
I have reinstalled dns/dhcp console as well as deleted and readded
options 78 and 79 in both iManager and the DNS/DHCP management console.
I am running out of things to try, any thoughts??