Hi All,

I've got a client with a problem. The problem is that they're switching
naming conventions, and need to be able to map drives to both NetWare
and Windows 2K and 2K3 servers. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem,
since the "old" naming conventions were first initial, last name, for
instance John Doe's ID would be jdoe. Simple enough. This command
worked just fine from within the login script:


The problem is that the new naming convention is First.Last, and this is
giving them a real headache. BTW, they can NOT override this corperate

The problem is that eDirectory creates the user as "John\.Doe" with the
'\' "escaping" the '.' There's no problem with this as far as assigning
the home directory through the HOME_DIRECTORY, where it's simply created
as "John.Doe" The problem is passing that through to the command prompt
shell to the net use command.

If SERVER1 were a novell server, it would be trivial:


Using the Windows Env VAR USERNAME. The problem is that I can't seem to
figure out how to get that out to the commmand prompt for the NET USE

I've tried

#NET USE S: \\SERVER1\SCAN_FILES\%<USERNAME> which didn't work,

Nor did


I even tried setting an environment variable to it with

#NET USE S: \\QCUTIL01\SCAN_FILES\%UNAME% (I tried with with and
without the trailing '%' and neither worked)

I'm really stumped here. I simply don't know what to try next. And
help would be MOST appreciated!

Thanks in advance,