I have a NW6 SP5 server that sits idle throughout the night (after the
backup completes) and then at 7:30am, for no apparent reason becomes very
busy with LAN traffic and heavy disk I/O. I know that there are no users
logging in at 7:30am (customer is a law firm). I can not locate any process
scheduled for that time. This would not be such a major concern, but last
week, at 7:34am, the server broadcast messages that the SYS volume (NSS) was
almost full. When checked later, however, there was still over 1.5 Gb
available. Then the next day, same time, the server reported that the SYS
volume was full. Again, when checking later, over 1.5Gb available.

After monitoring remotely, I confirmed that there was a flurry of activity
starting precisely at 7:30am. Looking at the busiest threads during this
activity had the top 4 listed as "server xx". I just located the TID
10099960 that steps though showing some information on identifying the owner
of the thread, but I am not sure that it will show me what I need.

Is there any interactive utility that can identify the owner of a server xx


Anthony Campbell