Sorry, if this isn't the best group to post this question, but I wasn't
sure which one was. We have a bunch of servers that run Backup Exec
9.1. NetWare's own NWTAPE.CDM prevents Backup Exec from loading. These
servers were upgraded from NW 6.0 to NW 6.5 SP4 using an in-place
upgrade. Under NetWare 6.0 we never had a problem. The NW 6.5 upgrade
added the NWTAPE.CDM to the STARTUP.NCF. We have removed the LOAD
NWTAPE.CDM line from the STARTUP.NCF but it seems some other NLM in
NetWare 6.5 is auto-loading NWTAPE.CDM even though we've removed it from
STARTUP.NCF. So every time we restart a server we have to manually
unload NWTAPE and then run Backup Exec to get BE to start up properly.

What could be auto-loading NWTAPE.CDM and how do I stop it from doing so?