We have 40 sites with each conntected via a T-1 and all have either NW6.5SP4
or NW 5.1 SP8 running IP only.

Our main SITE_A has DNS, LDAP and SLP running on a server. When the WAN
link went down for two of our sites, the local users at the downed sites
couldn't login to their local servers.

The workstations:
Windows XP running Client32 4.91
LDAP Contextless Login Settings
- Tree Set
- Servers: (This is the SLP/LDAP server in SITE_A)

There are no settings on the site servers in the slp.cfg file (I'm not sure
what to set if anything). Typeing "m slp*" on the site servers shows that
slp.nlm, slptcp.nlm and slp.mpn are loaded.

Why can't they login? What is missing on the site servers to allow users to
have access to their LAN when the WAN is down? Thanks.