Running NW65SP3 not sure if there is a way to make this work differently...

Lets say we have the folder structure


If I assign rights to UserObjectA at Folder1 of RWECMF and then assign
______ rights (all blank boxes) for UserObjectA on SubSubFoldX, then
UserObjectA will be blocked out of SubSubFoldX.

I can only block in this way if I reference the same object (provided the
object gets rights by some other object). So if UserObjectA is member of
GRP1, and GRP1 has RWECMF on Folder1, assign ______ rights (all blank
boxes) for UserObjectA on SubSubFoldX will NOT block out access on

Does it really have to be the same object from parent and subfolder?

I find it hard to believe that Microsoft does a better job in this
scenario than Novell, so I must be doing something wrong...

Please advise.