Hello everyone. Set up a new NW6.5sp5 (beta) server with 2GB RAM. The only thing running other than OS is rsync target. Planning to do some testing. Figured that since the only running is rsync 2GB should enough (shoot me if I'm wrong).

Any way, In NRM I'm always receiving an "Available Memory Low" warning in Health Monitor.

Server is a dual opteron with 1GB per CPU for a total of 2GB. I've done the server tuning setting FCMS to 1073741824 but using the tune logical address space. Then added the -u672000000 parameter to the config.nw file (netware boot loader in use). I see the parameter setting take place on boot, however once the server has loaded, all though the FCMS setting hasn't changed very quickly after starting the file cache value has exceeded the max setting parameter and runs at 1,337,794,560 / 1,400,913,920 Actual / Peak.

Is the only way to fix this add more physical memory? If so someone ought to change the min/rec memory specifications in netware to something a bit more truthful.

Thanks for you suggestions.

Martin Stepanek