I'm currently running NW6.5SP4 at two sites, one server on each site.
One site is named SND, the other site is named SIP. Friday, we found
that people's rights were very mixed. Three to four folders could be
seem by various users that originally couldn't. Some users only had "E"
rights, some had all rights including the "A" right. We've cleaned it
up and then ran DSRepair and found 44 errors, but they were all time
modification errors. So, problem solved.

Monday, SIP experienced the same thing, only at a greater range. All
users could see all folders and files in the root of the Data volume. I
checked every folder and file and they were the same set of entries in
each and every folder and file. All the folders underneath the folders
in root was not affected. Only the top most folders. Even [Root] was
given Read and File scan rights. I've now cleaned it up, but I'm
wondering if anybody know what might be the cause of this? Does anybody
have any clue or idea?

Here's the list of rights that were given:

UserA.Container05.SIP.CN - RF
UserB.Container03.SIP.CN - none
UserC.Container02.SIP.CN - RF
UserD.Container02.SIP.CN - RWECMFA
UserE.Container04.SIP.CN - RF
Container09.SIP.CN - RWECMF
Container08.SIP.CN - RF
Container07.SIP.CN - RWECMF
UserF.Container05.SIP.CN - RF
UserG.Container05.CN - RF
UserH.Container02.SIP.CN - RF
UserI.Container05 - RF
UserJ.Container07.SIP.CN - none
UserK.Container02.SIP.CN - none
UserL.Container01.SIP.CN - RWECMF
Container06.SIP.CN - RWECMF
UserM.Container01.SIP.CN - RWECMF
Container02.SIP.CN - RF
Container01.SIP.CN - RF
Container01.SIP.CN - RF
Container01.SIP.CN - RF
Container01.SIP.CN - RF
Container01.SIP.CN - RWECMF
Container01.SIP.CN - RWECMF
Container01.SIP.CN - none
Container01.SIP.CN - RF
Container01.SIP.CN - RWECMF
Container01.SIP.CN - RF
Container01.SIP.CN - RWECMF
UserN.Container04.SIP.CN - RF
Container04.SIP.CN - RWECMF
UserO.Container01.SIP.CN - RWECMF
UserP.Container02.SIP.CN - RF
UserQ.Old Employees.SIP.CN - RWECMF
UserR.Container07.SIP.CN - none
UserS.Container02.SIP.CN - RF
UserT.Old Employees.SIP.CN - RF
[Root] - RF

Some entries had no rights at all. It's very strange and I've never
seen this before. Any ideas? Thanx in advance.