Since upgrading to NW6.5 SP4a (all NSS volumes), I have been having
issues like this error below. It seems that one PC has locked a file,
and another cannot access. The client versions have not changed.

The effect is that workstations have issues accessing a directory on the
server. Windows clients can not access the directory. Novell Remote
Manager can not read the directory either. Rebooting the server seems
to be the only resolution.

I have stopped running backups on one server because the contention
blocks the NFS clients from accessing the files they need.

1-10-2006 9:27:58 am: COMN-3.23-592 [nmID=F000A]
Station 151 (task 4) timed out waiting for an op-lock on file
Desktop.ini held by station 264.

Any ideas will be much appreciated. I can not continue to reboot
servers on the middle of the work day.