I had to do some re-re-reinstalls of OES into a production 6.5 tree and
after finally getting things the way I (think) wanted, I'm getting some
occassional user login complaints (unable to login.)

I've been able to get by for some time walking them through a (couple)
workaround(s) suggested in the forums earlier, but have not been able to
find (in the TID's) how to solve the issue once and for all.

Essentially, I have to set clients Bad Address Cache Timeout to "0" and
turn Bad Server Name Cache Enabled "Off".

This gets them going again, but invariably, on a day I pick to stay home
most likely, at least ONE client will pick up a bad name or address and my
Nextel will chirp off loudly and I'm stuck walking a right-click neophyte
over (what seems to them) a virtual River Styx...

Could someone PLEASE point this apparently search-addled old fool (yep,
thats me) to a couple of TIDs on how to kill those hidden old bad server
names or addresses that these clients must be picking up from time to
time?? (No, I'm not seeing anything in ConsoleOne/iManager but maybe I'm
not looking in the right places either...)

Many thanx!