It has been brought to my attention that the mac users are having
problems saving files to a nw6.0 nss volume. the only problem is with
one application, known as "sketchup". (3d modeling program). when
they try and do a "file>>save", they get an error saying "unable to
save file". They are able to save the files locally, then drag n drop
them over to the netware volume without a problem.

We tried this on another nw6.0 server, with the same patches, and it
behaves slightly different. Here, they are not given an error message.
but the files don't get written to the volume. if they go back later,
their files are gone. (this is even worse; at least "server a" gives
them an error, warning them that something is wrong).

testing on nw6.5 servers: no problems. works as its supposed to.

no other file saving issues with any other application but this one.

Both servers are nw6.0, spk5 with NW6NSS5C, AFP129
Macs are OSX.4.2

not really sure where to start on this one. I'll contact the software
manufacturer, as well. just wondering what you guys think.