I am in a jam and looking for some ideas. I am having to automate volume
inventory on about 10 servers now---about 50 later. Here are some of the
issues I am running into:

1) People getting this inventory are only going to have volume rights on the
server(full rights though to all volumes). No ds rights to the ncp object.

2) With the above rights they can login to NRM and it will only show the
volumes(which is what it is supposed to do). They can inventory the volumes
which about 500gb per server. The problem is that with that NRM(only seeing
volumes) NRM does not appear to look at any existing inventory report--it
will genereate one each time. Slow for 500gb volumes. As you know if you
have full NRM access when you do a volume inventory you can choose to
display last report or create a new one.

3) running an "inventory" on the server only generates the XML files,,,which
NRM uses for inventory. I was hoping to cron these and that way when the
volume admins pull up their crippled NRM they can see a report instantly
without generating each time.

4) in NRM the reports/configs allows you to send an inventory report. This
is an excellent report. But I see no way to cron this or automate it. Does
anyone know how to do that?

Jeff Johnson CNE6, MCNE, CDE, DCSNP
Georgia State University