(browser locked up - - hope I did not double post this!)

Recently upgraded our Netware 6.5 servers to Netware SP4A/OES.
From within our iManager system, I updated the plugins and this
gave me a new iManager ability of SERVERS -> MONITOR SERVERS. So far,
so good. As I populate the lists with servers that I would like
to monitor, I am seeing two issues:
(1) On some servers that **ARE** SP4A/OES, the "robust" type of
monitoring is not working. When I attempt to load "openwbem.ncf" from
the server, it appears the server does not have all it needs to load these
functions. Saw a TID about regenerating that owgencert. but these servers
do not appear let me open bash to do this?!? I assume the SP install did
not REALLY finish all it needed to, and I need to reinstall the SP. Is
this a correct assumption? Did I miss something during the initial SP
install that I should have checked?
(2) On some server that **DO** have the "robust" type of monitoring, the
icon indicates a "Not Authenticated" status. I have full admin rights,
can map drives to the server, can browse server properties, etc. I can
use NoRM on these servers with no issue. I have attempted to regenerate
the owgencert certificate on these without luck. Why am
I "unauthenticated" on these few servers and what should I do to get
permanent authentication? Any help PLEASE!!? Thanks.