We have a HP GL 380 G4 server with 4gb of ram (maxed out) and 200gb of
disk space (90gb free) being backed up with an 200gb LTO drive ... and
about 75 users (active connections) accessing files, printing, getting
email, et al + customers accessing our website.

I'm starting to think that we should order a separate groupwise/email /
web server in the two year budget due to memory usage. Since we
started using Groupwise our memory has dropped from 2gb free to 910mb
free... peak 760mb.

We also have received the Available Logical Space warning messages and
the Remote Administrator shows the Available Logical Space from
reaching "yellow" state is an on-going problem. Currently it's happy
again at 360mb since adding the -u######## switch to the server.exe
startup command in the autoexec.bat, but is that a permanent fix?

Are we looking good as far as memory goes? We're currently in the
process of moving all of our users onto the mail server. Currently
only about 40 users (30 left to migrate) are accessing our mail server
and the rest are still using a 3rd party vendor that had been hosting
our email via POP3 for the last 10 years.