Console One is just confusing to me on how you install and get it to work
I've got coworkers that are just dragging and dropping off server. And odd
problems are happening.
The last that I've done is to download and installed 1.3.6e on local
workstation. Install Groupwise snapins.
But, how do I install Zenworks snapins? How do you get same versions of
snapins that installed on server?

1. Can you just drag Console One from a server and run it locally on a

2. What is the proper way to install Console One on a local workstation?

3. Can snapins just be copied from server to local workstation?

4. How can I tell if a copy of Console One has the proper versions of
snapins and that they are installed properly?

5.. If previous version 1.3.5 or 1.3.6d as examples was installed locally
and working properly. Shouldn't I just
be able to update the version to 1.3.6e by installing over the
previous version and still having all of the snapins.

Any clarification of Console One would greatly help me,