Good afternoon everyone. One of our campus techs pointed something out to me
this morning that is a little strange. He has been changing the default
context on some reimaged machines from GHS.GISD to GJHS.GISD through Novell
Client Properties -> Location Profiles -> Default Profile. When he logs out
and clicks 'advanced' this setting change is noticed. Now, when a person
from another context logs in (by clicking advanced button and changing the
context and server) they are able to get in. For example, we have students
broken down into subcontexts 10.GJHS.GISD and 11.GJHS.GISD. They're default
profile context is GJHS.GISD, and they login using 'richardsonk.10' or
'dentonj.11' or whatever. However, when they log out and get back to the
login screen we click the 'Advanced' button and see that the default context
has changed to 10.GJHS.GISD or 11.GJHS.GISD, or in my case GISD_ADM.GISD.
The default context that our tech set for the default profile is not being
saved. The username is blank as he set and the server remains to what he
set. Only the context is being changed. The 'Save profile after successful
login' box is NOT checked.

If *I* login and change the context through the default profile things work
as expected. Student login and the default context stays the same. If our
campus tech changes the default then things get screwy again.

Any suggestions? I'm not sure any policy could affect this, and I have tried
reinstalling the client. This really isn't too big of a deal, but I'm
stumped. Thanks.