Does anybody know if the php.ini variable safe_mode_include_dir for
PHP5 for Netware even works?

I've matched the syntax used in examples and set to other variables,
but it will not allow files placed in a directory by regular users to
be accessible to the web server.

Basically I've written a PHP script to make the contents of a directory
accessible display "pretty" for customers to download files.

If the "Admin" account drops files in the directory it works fine, if
anybody else does it will read the files, but you can't access the file
data. If I turn the UID matching / GID matching safe_mode restriction
off then it works fine, but I don't want to do that long term because I
want to keep security tight. If I add the
sys:/apache2/htdocs/publishfiles directory into the
safe_mode_include_dir= environmental variable nothing happens -- I've
tried slashed both ways / and \ -- I've tried using ./publishedfiles
-- I've tried SYS:/ instead of sys:/ I've tried sys: without the / --
everything I can think of and nothing works.

Has anybody seen this work successfully? There's no comment in the
php.ini file that says this functionality doesn't work and I can't find
anything on Novell's website.