we have the same "problem". It appears only if some user opens NetStorage
and tries to open iFolders "folder" on the left side of the NetStorage's
web page. The message about iFolder Passphrase for user "user_name"
appearse. So, it seems, that if this passphrase is not set, authentication
failure for this user appears. Authentication failure message also appears
in the Apache 2.x for NetWare console screen.
So are your users using NetStorage?

> On Wed, 01 Sep 2004 00:38:03 GMT, Andrew C Taubman
> <ataubmanILoveSpam@novell.AndSpamLovesMe.com> wrote:
> >You could be right, I'm not that familiar with iFolder, and David's post
> >confirms your thinking here. But if iFolder is working I don't
> >understand how there'd be failed login attempts from it ...

> Didn't make any sense to us, either. iFolder's install makes itself a user
> object (iFolder_ServerAgent). This user has a password (calculated, or secret
> known only to the iFolder team or something, since it's not under our

> When you start iFolder, it logs in (ok), but also starts incrementing NoRM's
> failed logins statistic.
> We've got a query in to see why this is, mostly just out of curiousity. I've
> never found that particular statistic to be all that interesting or

useful and
> generally just ignore it.
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