At the outset, this is going to be somewhat lengthy.

I have a 6.5 server where I cannot re-create the certificates. It started
16 months ago as an across the wire migration from a 4.11 server.
Installed 6.5 as pre-migration on new machine. Made local net with 4.11
machine, 6.5 machine with temp name and tree and work startion connected to
a hub. Got an error towards the end but on restart migration completed.
Used the server for about 10 months with no problems. My Mac clients
(about 40 %) used ProSoft's IP client to connect. New version of Mac OS
(Tiger) didn't work with ProSoft so I decided to try native file access.
Used iManager 2.0.2 to attempt to set this up. Found I was missing some
tabs for NFAP and other tabs gave me errors. Local support company
suggested installing iManager 2.5. After installation could not access
iManager - authentication error for admin. Local support email said I
needed to remove iManager, Apache and Tomcat(various items) and then
reinstall these using the GUI and from the 'sp2 overlay CD'.
Used the OS CD and this installed a completely new non-functioning server.
(Should have been from the sp2 Product overlay CD) Recreated
new server with all defaults installed. Restored schema from backup tape
and verified all users where there. Then restored complete file system
from backup. Then I got certificate mismatch errors - IP and DNS were
different. Local support said remove SAS and certificates with ConsoleOne
and recreate using pkidiag. Pkidiag failed with error -1418 in creation of
certificates. Deleted and recreated KAP and W0 under the security
container and reran pkidiag - still fails with -1418. Using TIDS recreated
ncisdi.key from license floppy and redid pikdiag - fails with -1418.
Novell tech support told local support that 1418 errors only occur when
there is certificate problems between different servers in a tree. I have
only the problem server in the tree. Novell suggested installing new NICI
and Security Update. Did this and now no SSL or LDAP connectivity. Server
works as a file server and can use NRM but nothing that relys on SSL.
Server currently at sp4a.

Anyone have any ideas other than starting from square one and creating a
completely new server, restoring files from backup and recreating all
users, rights and trustees?