> I am running 3 Novell SBS 6.0 servers and just learning about the
> in's and out's of keeping things organized within the server. I have
> about 22 people in our office total and it seems that each person
> needs into a different folder for some reason or another. I didn't
> want to open up the entire directory structure to everyone or a group
> so I went into their right to folders option and assigned them their
> specific rights. Unfortunatly most of these files were on a
> secondary server that died. So I think I followed the proceedure to
> remove and replace the server back into the tree correctly; but now I
> am finding that some of the rights that were assigned to that server
> were lost and had to be replaced. No big deal I have very fews people
> to worry about, but was what would happen if this were a larger
> company?
> So my question is: Did I remove the server wrong and it should not
> have lost all the settings or do all of you perform these types of
> rights to folders in a different manner?
> Just wondering, the servers and tree are fine once again.

Trustee rights are stored on the file system and not in eDirectory /
NDS. So if a server dies and is being restored trustees will be need to
be restored as well. Properly SMS compliant backup software will be
able to backup these trustees and when you do the restore you'll be
able to select the option to also restore trustee rights.

You can also backup your trustees manually with a utility like
trustee.nlm or trustbar.nlm.