rednut Wrote:
> I have just added this to my exceptions and wow it loads!!! But got
> another problem now. I have the login screen infront of me but clicking
> into the login and password boxes doesn't work and I can't click login
> either. It's like the login page has loaded but it isn't active.
> Also in the top right hand corner there is a Novell Support Link with
> the graphic missing but the link works when I click on it.
> thanks heaps

Just to let you know that even though I can't click the login and
password boxes, I can tab through them and enter the credentials which
then takes me to a page not found screen. But if I then click Back on
the broswer I'm in!!! And I can now use Remote Manager.
Not the cleanest install ever but it was an upgrade from 4.12 and it at
least works in it's own little way!!!

Thank you for all your help with this