dmp78 wrote:
> normal initially. But in the Symantec System Center Console, the
> clients stopped relisting themselves. The first day or two after the
> reinstall, I'd check every so often and the clients were slowly being
> relisted. But after those first couple of days, they stopped.. and I'm
> only seeing maybe 25% of the clients out there. When I do a network
> audit in SSC, I see everyone. Any ideas on how I can get those clients
> to relist under the server? Thanks for the help, and I apologize if

Clients refer to the server name, so if the name has not changed they
should come up. Did you install the same version of the SAV9? If you
installed an upgraded version, 9.0.2 or so, you need to upgrade the SSC

Have you tried the Clear cache function already? (under discovery)