That would be GRC.DAT

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> dmp78 wrote:
>> This isn't really a novell question, but I haven't had much luck
>> looking elsewhere.. I've been running SAV Corp. Ed. 9 for a while.
>> Recently one of my servers (NW65sp3) crashed, and after getting it
>> back up Symantec wouldn't load. After entering "vpstart" nothing
>> would happen. The logger screen on the server was giving this error -
>> RTVSCAN: license data is invalid. So I ended up removing SAV and
>> reinstalling it. After that, it loaded fine and appeared to be back
>> to normal initially. But in the Symantec System Center Console, the
>> clients stopped relisting themselves. The first day or two after the
>> reinstall, I'd check every so often and the clients were slowly being
>> relisted. But after those first couple of days, they stopped.. and
>> I'm only seeing maybe 25% of the clients out there. When I do a
>> network audit in SSC, I see everyone. Any ideas on how I can get
>> those clients to relist under the server? Thanks for the help, and I
>> apologize if this was the wrong place to post this.
>> -DP

> It has been a while since I played with Symantec but can't you push out
> some file that would change the management server for the symantec
> clients ? I forgot what it was called though. Something that ends with
> .dat. It is definitely in the symantec documentation.
> --
> Cheers,
> Edward