My primary servers are Netware 6.5. I have a server (Netware 5.1) which
was going to be upgraded and added to the same tree as the rest of the
servers, but now all the company wants to do is move the data to the
existing 6.5 servers. The source server is in a different tree and there
are no other servers in that tree. The tree and the physical server will
be abandoned after the move. Both servers reside in the same file server
room so there are no issues with slow links or WAN connections.

Since only 15 or so users are on that server I am not overly worried about
bringing the security settings or rights over. The setup is fairly
straight forward and would take an hour at most to duplicate once the move
is finished. The amount of data involved is fairly small - 10 to 12 Gig.

I was wondering what the best way to do this move is. I could log into
both trees, open the 2 servers involved and simply drag across, but was
hoping there might be a bit more "elegant" way to do this. I am assuming
ncopy still exists but that never seemed the fastest utility I've ever

Any help greatly apppreciated.