A couple of our users have reported a problem with their user directories. One particular user reports not being able to see files(Word docs.) from f-z in Word's open box or by going through My Computer. The user can see files a-e and directories a-z.

I have logged in as admin and used Word, Windows Explorer, edit at the server console, Remote Manager, Console One, and have not been able to see the missing files. However, when I do a search for s*.* for files starting with the letter "s" at a WinXP workstation, I can see the files.

The server is a NW6.5sp3 server running edir The user volumes are nss volumes. I have applied the N65NSS3A and NW65OS3A patches on the server.

Any ideas on what is not allowing users to see some of their files?

Thanks in advance for any replies.