We've upgraded our servers from NetWare 6.0 to NetWare 6.5 SP4a. I've
noticed a couple of quirks on NetWare 6.5 SP4a when installing a server
into NDS through NWCONFIG and I'm wondering if this is just how it works
now, or if there's something wrong that I might be able to find and fix.
They aren't big issues, but they are inconvenient.

When it gets to setting up the time sync and time zone stuff, it no
longer provides a list of time zones to pick from. It just displays the
main Time Sync/Zone config screen and everything has to be filled in
manually. We deploy servers all over the country and it's a pain to have
to remember the detailed settings for all 6 time zones (including AZ and

Also, after it finishes installing the server into NDS, it displays the
box that it's setting up license services but the NLS_LSP object never
gets created. We have to run SETUPNLS manually. We never had to do this
on NW 6.0, the NLS_LSP was created automatically after the server was
installed into NDS.

Again, these are both when installing a server into the tree through