We have an eDirectory tree on NetWare 6.5 SP4 with approximately 50,000
objects. We need to delete a large number of user account objects along with
their associated user home directories. The 5,000 user accounts to be
deleted are in several containers. The home directories are spread out
across 8 volumes on 2 servers. I have a list of all the users' account names
to be deleted listed in a spreadsheet. Every account name is unique to the
tree. The home directory name for a given user is their account name. All
user names are a max of 8 alpha characters.

Can anyone give me a strategy or a utility that would make the process of
deleting these accounts and their associated home directories easier than
the obviously painful manual method? I am also looking for something that is
repeatable, because we plan to "thin" the tree more often than this last gap
of almost a year. We create and delete lots of user accounts/home
directories each year, and I need to automate this process somewhat. When I
get handed a list of account names to delete, I want to make the process

Thanks very much,

-- Geoff