We load the LANSAFE software to connect to our HP(Powerware) T1000 and T1500XR series UPS' on over 40 of our netware servers. One particular server had a motherboard fail, we hotswapped it out for a good server, save for the hard drives. Now, when the server tries to load lansafe, AIOCOMX failes to load. This is the message

Loading module AIOCOMX.NLM
Novell AIO Serial Port Driver
Version 2.18 December 14, 2000
Copyright 1992-1998, Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
For AIOCOMX Driver Load Information, Enter 'LOAD AIOCOMX ?'
*Error* I/O port address 0x3F8 does not appear to be a valid asynchronous
hardware device. If you know this address to be correct, you may
use the 'force' option to override the COM port existence tests.
SERVER-5.00-1553: Module initialization failed.
Module AIOCOMX.NLM NOT loaded
Module initialization failed

The "Force" option does not allow the UPS to communicate. I've reinstalledthe LANSAFE App, but it appears to just be an AIOCOMX issue itself.
Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this further?