I've recently finished replacing our Netware 6 Servers with new shiney
Netware 6.5 boxes.

About 6 months ago, we started using TikiWiki on our webserver - It can
be configured to use an LDAP server for authentication. I used the
recommended settings at the time, and authentication worked fine with
the Netware 6 box I specified.

Here are the settings I used;
> Authentication Method: Tiki and PEAR::Auth
> Create User if not in Tiki (Y)
> Create User if not in Auth (n)
> Just Use Tiki auth for admin (Y)
> LDAP Host:
> LDAP Port: 389
> LDAP Scope: Sub
> LDAP Base DN: o=curric
> LDAP User DN: ou=users
> LDAP User Attribute: cn
> LDAP User OC: *
> LDAP Group Attribute: cn

Since moving to Netware 6.5, I've been unable to get this working -
LDAP seems to be working fine - Contextless login is working on my
workstations, and NetStorage, iManager and iFolder are working fine.

Any ideas on what i've done wrong?