Has anyone seen this error when PUTting a file from MVS (Z/OS r1.4) to
NetWare 6.5 (NWFTPD.NLM v5.06.04)? See the last 3 lines.

EZA1701I >>> SITE FIXrecfm 80 LRECL=80 RECFM=FB BLKSIZE=12000
202 site 'FIXrecfm' not Understood
EZA1701I >>> EPSV
500 'EPSV' : Unknown Command
SC1279 initDsConnection: server rejected the EPSV command
EZA1701I >>> PASV227 Entering Passive Mode (ip address, 76)
EZA1701I >>> STOR dgctest
150 Opening data connection for dgctest (ip address,1100)
FU0254 protDataConn: secure_socket_open()
FU0338 protDataConn: secure_socket_init()
FU0356 protDataConn: secure_socket_init complete
FU0358 protDataConn: ... handshake exchanged 2210 bytes
FC0799 endSecureConn: entered
SC2390 dataClose: recv(0) failed -- rc=23 (errno=1102)
226 Transfer Complete
EZA1617I 771 bytes transferred in 0.005 seconds. Transfer rate 154.20

It seems cosmetic. The file is transferrred and is good. The SC2390
error concerns the suits. Has anyone seen this?

Tony Jaworski
Brown University