I have not been able to get Dynamic Update to work. Netware server is OES
Netware 6.5 sp4. Workstation is Windows XP with sp2. IP Address is
statically assigned. I'm trying to get DNS to add my workstation to the
DNS listing based on Dynamic Update. A single DNS entry in the TCP/IP
address configuration points to a primary, authoritative DNS server. The
DNS server has an entry in the zone's control lists "allow updates" field
that ANY are allowed to update.

What is really strange is that the DNS server on my DHCP server (a second
DNS server on my network which is not even in my workstation's list of
available DNS servers) gets the following error in the DNS logs every hour:

"Jan 26 11:01:10.000 update: update: info: client 172.x.x.x#1335: updating
zone 'city.chatham-kent.on.ca/IN': update failed: not authoritative for
update zone (NOTAUTH)"

My workstation is not enabled for DHCP, yet it still sends out some kind of
DHCP request on startup. All Netware DNS servers are listed as
authoritative DNS Servers for both my in-addr.arpa zone and my domain zones.