Is this the correct forum to post a question about Ethereal?

I am trying to track down a problem with high utilization.
I tried running Ethereal to see if someone was hogging the
network and first my GroupWise said cannot connect to Post Office. So
I did a cmd "ipconfig /all" and it returned: BLANK. No IP/TCP. Not
sure whether it was McAfee virus Scan or counterspy Enterprise that blew
away the IP. I do know that Mcafee removed WinPCap a couple of years
ago when I tried Ethereal. So I downloaded a newer version WinPCap3.1
to run this time. No success. I had to uninstall my NIC and reboot.
I looked in both Quarantine areas and saw nothing new. Shades of Laura
Ethereal was an older version an WinpCAp was the latest 3.1 as Mcafee
had removed it the last time I tried using Ethereal.
what am I doing wrong? How should I be tracking down an errant user or
NIC? Any ideas?