Machine had a power blip that trashed a mem chip, which seems to have also
hosed the NTFS volume. Now the volume is completely inaccessible.
It cannot be slaved under a working WinXP install as when the volume is
accessed it BSOD's the working XP install. Cannot boot into ANY mode at
all when the device is attached. The volume doesn't even show up under
Fedora 5. Any other suggestions on how I might fix this volume? It's a
friends drive and he has a few pics on it he doesn't have a backup of. If
I could run chkdsk or something against it, it might have a shot but I
cannot slave it to anything. The drive itself isn't dead as it will
attempt to boot the XP install on it, it just BSOD's...and when you connect
it to a working install it BSOD's it...but I think I said that