I installed what I thought was symantec 10 on my 6.5 sp3CPR I then went
to the server and did a load vpstart.nlm and everything loads fine but
it still shows the server as running version 9.0 which was perviously
installed. I am confused as to several things

1. How do I know the virus definitions are updating on the NOVELL
server at least on windows you can see the physical update but what do
I look for on Novell?

2. How do I make sure that the version 10 of Symantec is actually
installed I see the installation of files in the SAV folder on SYS but
as I stated above it shows version 9.0 when loaded.

I am very uneasy because of the BLACKMAIL WORM due to cause havoc on
Feb 3rd can someone tell me what I missed during the installation of
Symantec 10.1?