I have a weird issue. I export my home directories
/servername/priv/users and mount it on /mnt

If I do an ls -al on /mnt, I notice that the owner is that of the user
who created the accounts in ConsoleOne, and thus created the home
directory. in other words, if cperry created the user accounts, cperry's
uidNumber of 552 shows up owner of the users home directory when doing
an ls -al. why is it then that if I select the directory in ConsoleOne,
add another user (with a different uidNumber) as the owner, that their
uidNumber doesn't show up when doing an ls -al?

Funny thing is, it works when I create a new user and afterwards change
them as owner of their directory, but any existing accounts don't get
the right uidNumber when assigning them as owner of their home directory
---they get the uidNumber of the person who created the account in

i've stopped and started the nfs export process, rebooted the server, etc.