Hi all! I will try to make this as uncomplicated as I can. I have two
NIC's in one of my Novell servers: one is 192.168.60.x which is PIX box.
When I connect directly to the 192.168.60.x box I can ping any
addresses. I have a second NIC which is outer facing on a 192.168.6.x
network. I have a server I want to reach on this network so I plug my
NIC directly into the 'box' (192.168.6.x flat network) and I can not
reach ANY of my servers. My problem lies with my 192.168.6.x NIC card.
My questions:

1. How do I tell if TCP/IP is bound to this card
2. How can I tell if the card is bad or just not enabled
3. Anything else I should look for...?

As I said it's a flat network so when I plug into the 192.168.6.x (which
is a router) I should be able to talk to any server on that network but I
can't. Thanks!